Here is a list…Pick your top 4!

 Thank you to our workshop leaders who volunteer their time and expertise to enrich our lives.

1. A Merry-Go-Round Woman in a Roller-Coaster World
By: Ann McMurray
Which of you are merry-go-round women who prefer to live a predictable and slow life, a life that just keeps going around with no interruption or additional twists and turns? As a merry-go-round kind of person, the thought of living life with white knuckles on a terrifying roller coaster might fill you with fear. Navigate your way through the “theme park of life” by turning the inevitable fear into a learning and growing experience.

2. Write the Word: A Fearless Approach to Bible Study & Journaling
By: Debbie Rothrock
Each of us are engaged in a battle with the enemy whether we know it or not. Luckily for us, God has given us the most powerful weapon of all- His Word. With journals and Bible in hand, learn to listen to God speaking into your life through His Word, giving you tactics to defend yourself against the enemy.

3. Fearless Hospitality
By: Amy Clouse
Where is hospitality now? Hospitality in the Church has been slowly diminishing around us and is becoming a lost art. Understanding how simple acts such as inviting someone over for lunch, or taking the time to help a friend change a light bulb, can change the way we learn to live like Jesus.

4. Choosing to Walk in Faith, Not in Fear
By: Angela DeBell
Lessons from Gideon and life. It is time for you to go in the strength you have because He is sending you. Choose to get your thoughts, words and actions in alignment with who God created you to be.

5. Cultivating Fearless Roots
By: Amy Fletcher
Have you heard the phrase, “Bloom where you are planted”? What if the soil you are planted in is difficult to grow in? In this workshop, we will explore practical ways to cultivate and dig deep roots of faith to keep us grounded through life’s storms.

6. Fearless Motherhood
By: April Bennett
Modern motherhood can be an experience filled with fear and anxiety. Everywhere we turn there is a new article or website telling us of a new danger. We were no more created to parent in fear than we were to live in fear. In this workshop, learn how to be a fearless mother.

7. Fearless Marriage
By: Bruce and Carol Rodda
Most of us fear change. A fearless marriage is one that welcomes and even seeks change. Come and learn how to stop living with the status quo, which may include deep and unresolved pain, and learn to change your marriage into something great.

8. Sequester the Fear
By: Christine Fairchild, Cindy Johnson, and- Pam Astwood
Fear and worry are relatives in the family of negative thoughts; it’s the type of family most wouldn’t want to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with. Understanding the danger of spending time with fear and worry is critical in terms of healthy living and carrying on a positive attitude. They need to be removed, separated, and banished into exile, which is exactly what you will learn how to do in this class.

9. Fearless Prayer:  A Confident Connection with God
By: Tammy Adams
In this workshop we will explore and discover practical ways to develop a confident connection with God in our prayer
lives. We will learn what it means to “approach the throne of grace with confidence.” (Heb. 4:16)

10. A Fearless, Creative Calling
By: Marita Lawrence
God’s calling and purpose for each of us is different and unique, but we all have the same end goal and commandment. Together we will look at examples from the Old and New Testaments and discover how God calls us to use what we have and how he distinctively made us, to serve Him and others.

11. The Intense Vulnerability of God
By: Annetta Miller
For most people, vulnerability is not the first word that comes to their mind when they think about God. The theologically minded say words like omnipotent and omniscient. Those who take a more personal route to God say words like loving, good, and grace. But for me, as I move in a direction ever closer to Him, I am regularly astonished by His vulnerability.

12. Fearless Faith
By: Donna Oiland
Christians live in a culture that frequently criticize the very foundation of their faith. Not always knowing how to respond when under fire sends many of us retreating behind walls of refuge within the church or family. Are we called to run and hide when challenges present themselves? Or are we to engage ourselves with culture around us and pursue it with the hope and promise of the gospel?
“Faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse.”- Philip Yancey
“For I know the plans I have for you…”  Jer. 31:3